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🌱  On your next adventure into the world of gardening, check out my articles for answers on some common questions I get asked most frequently.

Should I garden? Is gardening right for me?

Why garden? (Benefits of gardening according to studies)


What kind of small garden can I start?

Square foot gardening guide: grow more produce in less space – a great idea for people with a small backyard.

A container garden for small spaces – a smart choice for city dwellers with a balcony or a deck.

A fool-proof garden – AeroGarden – an indoor year-round garden no matter where you live.

A kitchen garden (potager)

Growing tomatoes in grow bags

What are the easiest plants I can grow to ensure gardening success?

5 fastest growing vegetables to plant in spring and in late summer

Growing kale is super easy!

3 must-have medicinal plants to start your own medicinal herb garden

40 herbs you can grow in your outdoor herb garden

How to plant iris bulbs

French flowers

10 indoor plants that grow fast and are easy to care for

Which gardening tools do I really need, and which ones are not nessasary?

Essential Gardening Tools: just 3 for container garden and 7 for in-ground gardens.

The only Non- toxic Garden Hose (according to studies)

25 best gardening tools for seniors (These tools will help you keep your small garden and yard in pristine condition with the least amount of effort).

Best two wheel wheelbarrows

11 high quality Japanese gardening tools for a garden ninja 🙂

Check out more best tools for gardeners

How to build healthy garden soil in a natural and easy way

How to Make Soil Fertile Naturally by using kitchen scraps (no backyard heap needed)

How to get rid of garden pests without using toxic chemicals?

How to Keep Bugs from Eating Plants natural way

10 worst garden pests: how to identify and control them

Top 9 cat repellent plants

Organic Pesticides: which one to choose?

How to control weeds without chemicals and keep your garden tidy

Electric weed burner

Best small garden tillers

Best battery powered weed eaters

Can you suggest some unusual plants for a garden?

How to grow cranberries at home

How to grow sorrel

How to grow calendula

How to grow lovage, borage and other unusual herbs

Asian fruit trees

Asian Pear Trees: how to choose and grow

5 rarest houseplants

7 money plants to decorate your home and enhance prosperity

8 cute succulents (that are safe for cats)

What are the best gifts for gardeners?

Best gifts for gardeners for every occasion

Best garden tool sets

Garden decor

Innovative gardening tools and products 

Electric weed burners

Battery powered weed eaters


What to do with what you grew?


Garden fresh recipes


Calendula Homemade Remedies

Healing teas from Korean mint (Agastache) and Lemon balm (Melissa)


Decorating ideas inspired by nature


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