What is the Best Backpack Leaf Blower?

If you're seeking the best backpack leaf blower, the Greenwork battery powered backpack leaf blower offers the user outstanding performance and comfort.

Last Updated on December 20, 2023

Overwhelmed with clearing fall leaves in your yard? A backpack leaf blower is the perfect solution.

Our 3 top backpack leaf blowers reviews will help you pick the best machine suited for your needs.

For time-constrained, busy people:

Greenworks Battery Powered Backpack Leaf Blower BPB80L2510

The Best Backpack Leaf Blower for most homeowners

  • as powerful as a gas blower but without the loud noise and harmful fumes
  • compact, lightweight, and comfortable
  • fast charging battery
  • 4 year consumer warranty or 1 year commercial warranty

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  • your options for clearing fall leaves
  • advantages of a backpack leaf blower vs handheld leaf blower
  • two types of backpack leaf blowers
  • electric cordless backpack leaf blower vs gas backpack leaf blower
  • what to look for when buying a backpack leaf blower
  • how to choose the best backpack leaf blower for your needs
  • 3 top backpack leaf blowers:
  1. Greenworks BPB80L2510 Cordless Backpack Leaf Blower– best overall for a majority of homeowners with medium size yards.
  2. Makita EB5300TH 4-Stroke Engine Gas Backpack Blower – commercial duty performance, great for a large yard owner.
  3. Poulan Pro PR48BT 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Leaf Blower – best budget option for the average homeowner with 1/2 acre yards and larger.
  • What else can you use a backpack leaf blower for?

Let’s get to it!

How do you clean up fallen leaves? (4 options)

When it comes to clearing leaves in your yard there are four tools that will help you get the job done:

  1. Leaf rake – cheap, but not efficient. Also, you cannot use it on the deck, patio, or paved driveway.
  2. Handheld leaf blower – good for a small yard, wears out your arm pretty fast. 
  3. Backpack leaf blower – clears fallen leaves quickly and efficiently. More costly than a handheld leaf blower, but absolutely worth it if you have a medium to large yard. 
  4. Wheeled  walk behind leaf blower – convenient to use, but takes a lot of storage space. It’s a great investment for seniors and large yard owners.
backpack leaf blower

The advantages of a backpack leaf blower vs a handheld leaf blower 

  • Saves time

Being more powerful in comparison with a handheld leaf blower, a backpack leaf blower will  save your time by helping you do your yard chores quickly and efficiently.

  • Easier on your body 

The biggest complaint with a handheld leaf blower is that  after a short time of using it, the weight and vibration makes the hand sore. With the backpack leaf blower, you are carrying the load on your back which is easier on your body than holding a heavy weight in your arm. Also, vibrations are almost not felt, which makes your work easier and more enjoyable.

Backpack leaf blower disadvantages

  • loud
  • heavy
  • expensive
  • takes a bit of storage room.

What should impact your decision when choosing the best backpack leaf blower

  • the size of your yard
  • how many deciduous trees you have
  • how much weight you can lift and carry
  • how much time you have for tidying your yard
  • how much money you are willing to spend
  • leaf blower features that are important for you. 
a man operates a backpack leaf blower

2 types of backpack leaf blowers: electric and gas

First of all you need to understand that there are 2 backpack leaf blower types: electric cordless, also known as battery powered  backpack leaf blowers, and gas backpack leaf blowers.

Gas backpack leaf blowers come with 2 cycle engines or 4 cycle engines (sometimes called 2-stroke and 4 stroke).

Which is better: a 2-cycle or 4-cycle leaf blower?

2 cycle engines are more powerful, more lightweight and cost less, but at the same time they are loud, produce more pollution, and require a mixture of gas and oil in the fuel tank in order to work, so you can end up with extra preparation owning a leaf blower with 2 cycle engine.

However, you can get convenient TruFuel brand premixed fuel at Amazon in ratios of 50:1 (red can) or 40:1 (green can). Be sure to get the right ratio for your engine.

4 cycle engines are more fuel efficient, they run just on gas, create less noise and pollution, but they are heavier and more expensive in comparison with 2 cycle motors. You still have to deal with oil changes and checking oil levels with these engines.

What to look for when buying a backpack leaf blower?

If you are considering a gas backpack leaf blower decide if you want a 2 cycle or 4 cycle engine. We talked about the advantages and disadvantages of these engines above.

Also, check the engine’s cc – cubic centimeters of displacement. The engines on gas leaf blowers are rated in terms of cc – the higher the number of cc, the more powerful the engine will be.

When looking for an electric backpack leaf blower always check the runtime – how long will the leaf blower work before the battery needs to be recharged. Can you clear your whole yard from leaves on one charge?

Also, when buying a battery powered leaf blower pay attention to how fast the battery will charge. You can buy a spare battery and swap the batteries while clearing your yard from leaves and debris. In this case be sure that the blower runtime is longer than the battery charging time.

You might also care if the motor on your electric leaf blower is brushed or brushless. To make it short, I’ll just say that a brushless motor is better than brushed. If you want to know more about brushed vs brushless motors, then read my article Best battery powered weed eaters.

How to figure out how powerful a leaf blower is?

Look at the CFM number, the higher it is, the more powerful leaf blower is.

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. It shows the volume of the air that comes out of the blower’s nozzle every minute.

Remember, high CFM = high power of your backpack leaf blower.

If you want to move more leaves in a shorter amount of time, look for a leaf blower model with higher CFM.

This Husqvarna 580BTS backpack leaf blower has the highest CFM on the market. But do you really need it? The higher CFM means you will be operating a more dangerous machine that can blow not only leaves, but small rocks too.

You also should be aware that backpack leaf blower models with higher CFM have larger motors and weigh more.

So, what is more important for you: speed or comfort and safety?

Other important things to consider while choosing your backpack leaf blower are:

  • weight of the unit
  • loudness
  • durability
  • maintenance cost (gas or gas and oil is needed for gas backpack leaf blowers)
  • ergonomics and comfort: is the blower comfortable to use? Are shoulder straps padded? Are they adjustable for better weight distribution? Is there a cooler pack on the back? Does the unit have cruise control? (Cruise control feature means that you do not need to constantly hold the trigger.)
    Is the machine easy to control?
  • storage options: do you have enough room to store it in a protected environment like the garage or indoors?

Another issue that comes up when choosing a backpack leaf blower is tube mounted throttle vs hip throttle. In the models with a tube mounted throttle your right hand operates the machine and the other hand is free to pick trash or change the music on your phone. 😊 Overall, it comes just to a personal preference.

And if you still wonder, “What is the best backpack leaf blower?” The answer is simple , “It’s the one that suits your needs the most”.

What can you use a backpack leaf blower for?

  • clearing your yard from fallen leaves (even wet ones), debris and grass clippings
  • cleaning your lawn mower deck
  • clearing powdery snow
  • cleaning gutters
  • blowing off pollen and dust from your outdoor furniture and screens
  • sweeping patios, carports, garages, and decks
  • drying outdoor furniture after rain
  • cleaning your car exterior
  • clearing clogged dryer vent.

3 best backpack leaf blowers reviews 

3 top backpack leaf blowers for 2021 are:

  1. Greenworks BPB80L2510 Cordless Backpack Leaf Blower– best overall. Comfortable, compact, lightweight, yet powerful. Battery operated equates to less noise, less pollution, and less maintenance.
  2. Makita EB5300WH 4-Stroke Engine Gas Backpack Blower – best-in-class  gas backpack blower with commercial duty engine. It’s made with the user’s comfort in mind.
  3. Poulan Pro PR48BT 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Leaf Blower – if you are shopping for a cheap backpack leaf blower, this is your best option. This leaf blower is rated high by Amazon customers and has a lot of bells and whistles that high end models have.

All 3  backpack leaf blowers are well performing machines that get the job done. Choose the one best suited for you, according to your individual needs.

1. Greenworks BPB80L2510 review

electric backpack leaf blower
  • Type: electric cordless, battery operated
  • Motor: brushless
  • Air volume: 580 CFM
  • Air Speed: 145 mph
  • Battery: 80 V, 2.5 Ah
  • Battery charging time: 22 minutes(user’s reported), 30 minutes (according to manufacturer)
  • Run time: near 30 minutes, 19 min while using turbo option (user’s reported); 21 minutes (11 minutes with turbo) according to manufacturer 
  • Variable speed, boost function, and cruise control
  • Low weight axial fan
  • Sound levels: 60 dB 
  • Weight: 11.6 lb. (with battery)
  • Comes with Greenworks 2901702 (2.5Ah) battery and Greenworks Charger: 2901402
  • Warranty: 4 year consumer warranty, 1 year commercial warranty
  • Price: on the higher end
  • User’s manual

The advantages:

  • designed to be operated with one hand
  • the battery gets charged in 22-30 minutes. Users reported that the spare battery (if you buy one) gets fully charged while you are clearing leaves with your backpack leaf blower using the other battery. So when your blower is “out of juice” you just swap the batteries and keep going
  • equipped with a cruise control function to lock the speed at the desired setting
  • has Turbo Button to boost the speed
  • padded harness provides comfort
  • you can adjust the side straps so the weight is equally distributed across your shoulders
  • comparable to 33cc gas blowers, but without harmful fumes and the need to buy oil and gas which equates to cheaper running cost 
  • no need for storing fuels, mixing oils, no maintenance, no storing for winter, no filters or plugs
  • simple and comfortable design
  • less noisy in comparison with other backpack leaf blowers
  • you feel virtually no vibration like you would do with the handheld leaf blower

The downside: 

  • somewhat expensive
  • it’s a right-side blower; if you need to blow under things that are only accessible on your left, it takes some creative effort to do so
  • some users don’t like short run time and need to wait for the battery to get charged (this can be solved by buying a spare battery).

Verdict: Greenworks BPB80L2510 backpack leaf blower provides outstanding performance and comfort for the user.

2. Makita EB5300WH review

Makita backpack leaf blower
  • Power type : 4 stroke gas
  • Engine: 52.5 cc (2.5HP), commercial-duty, 4-stroke
  • Air volume: 516 CFM
  • Air Speed: 184 mph
  • Fuel type: unleaded gas
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 60.9 oz.
  • Sound levels: 70 dB 
  • Weight: 19.7 lb
  • Tube throttle
  • Exchangeable tips – it comes with three end nozzles End Nozzle (454896-5), End Nozzle (455128-3) and Flat End Nozzle (454916-5).
  • Warranty: 1 year 
  • Price: on the higher end 
  • User’s Manual

Makita EB5300WH advantages:

  • a cleaner-burning 4-stroke engine ensures quieter operation and the convenience of no fuel mixing
  • fuel-efficient (uses approximately 1 pint for 20-30 min)
  • starts fast and easy, moves leaves quickly
  • engineered for commercial lawn and garden work
  • padded shoulder straps engineered with multiple adjustments for improved fit and retain their shape for easier re-shouldering
  • large capacity air filter is replaceable and easily accessible
  • padded back panel is ventilated for  comfort
  • heavy duty anti-vibration mounts between frame and engine also improve operator comfort
  • tube easily adjusts to desired length
  • a large capacity muffler ensures quieter operation. 

The downside 

  • requires maintenance: replacing engine oil after first 20 operating hours, followed by every 50 operating hours; cleaning air cleaner, cleaning fuel filter
  • takes a good 10 minutes to warm up and work well in cold weather (40-50F)
  • weight of the unit could be a problem for people with back issues
  • expensive

Verdict: Makita 5300WH is the best gas backpack leaf blower with 4 stroke engine made for superior performance with user’s comfort in mind.

Watch how Makita EB5300TH backpack blower performs in the YouTube video below.

3. Poulan PRO PR48BT review

Poulan backpack leaf blower
  • Power type : 2 stroke gas
  • engine: 28 cc  2-stroke
  • Air volume: 475 CFM
  • Air Speed: 200 mph
  • Fuel type: runs using a mixture of unleaded gasoline and two-stroke engine oil
  • Sound levels: 96 dB 
  • Weight: 22 lb
  • Warranty: 2 years if used for household purposes 
  • Price: low
  • Owner’s Manual


  • a strong blower for a great price
  • convenient controls: variable speed trigger and cruise control located on the blower tube
  • downward angled nozzle maximizes clearing power
  • ergonomic design: countered and adjustable harness
  • conveniently premixed 50:1 TruFuel brand fuel is readily available

The downside 

  • as with all 2 cycle engine blowers, it’s loud
  • high maintenance: need to clean air filter, replace spark plug, clean fuel tank
  • need to mix gasoline with oil for the blower to run. It is important to accurately measure the amount of oil to be mixed with gasoline. Even small inaccuracies can affect performance of the machine.
  • some users reported that the blower doesn’t want to start after winter storage, the fuel tank might leak after a while, and parts for the blower are hard to get.

Verdict: Poulan Pro PR48BT backpack leaf blower is the best budget friendly option on the market. Functional, easily handles tough blowing tasks, great for the price.

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Safety Tip

Always wear eye protection with side shields along with hearing protection while using a backpack leaf blower. Failure to do so could result in objects being thrown into your eyes and in hearing loss.

Are backpack leaf blowers worth it?

They are if you have a lot of deciduous trees shedding leaves on your 1/2 acre or larger property and if you want to spend as little time as possible on doing yard chores.

And making work easier on your body, especially if you are in your golden years –  you can’t put a price on it.

For sure, a backpack leaf blower is a must if you run a small landscaping and lawn care business.

Final thoughts on the best backpack leaf blower

A backpack leaf blower is a fine machine to have to take care of your yard chores and keep your property in pristine condition. Though not cheap, a backpack leaf blower will save your time, and your arms and hands from wearing out if compared with other leaf clearing options. Choose the gas or battery-powered electric model depending on the size of your yard and your personal preferences. 

best backpack blower

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