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10 Best Practical Gardening Gifts for Mother’s Day

Best practical gardening gifts for your mom: ideas & recommendations

Does your mother love to garden? Then getting her a gardening gift for Mother’s Day is a no brainer.

Better yet, give her a practical gift for her garden – one that she will actually use and enjoy.

In case you are short on time or curious:

   This useful gardening gift is the most popular and highly rated on Amazon.

And the best part is that if she gardens often, she is going to use your gift a lot, and each time she uses, (looks at, wears) your present it will bring a smile to her face, because that gift will remind your mom of you – her most cherished flower! smile


*This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase any of the products I have recommended, I may receive a commission at no cost to you. You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

Below are 10 gift ideas for moms that like to garden.

1.  3 Piece Garden Tool Gift Set

by Flora Guard

Practical Gardening Gifts for Mother's Day
Practical  yet beautiful gardening tool set with floral pattern. The tools (trowel, cultivator and pruning shears) are rust-proof, sturdy and easy to clean. It comes in 3 color choices. I love the purple one. What’s your favorite?


2. Butterfly Suncatcher with Pressed Flower Wings

by Banberry Designs

Practical Gardening Gifts for Mother's Day

Specially made as a gift for mom and uniquely designed with real flowers pressed between butterfly glass wings. This suncatcher features hanging heart charm with “MOM” engraved on it.

You also can buy a kit – suncatcher butterfly and a glass heart tealight holder with a poem on it . Click through to see which option you like best.


3. Trowel and Error

by Sharon Lovejoy

gardening book - gift

Is your mom into organic gardening? Then the book Trowel and Error by Sharon Lovejoy (who also wrote Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots: Gardening Together with Children) is a must-have on your list. It features over 700 organic remedies, shortcuts and tips for easy and practical solutions for organic gardeners and for sure will satisfy your mom’s “geeky” side.

4. Waterproof Garden Shoes 

by Sloggers

Practical Gardening Gifts for Mother's Day

Keep your mom’s tootsies cozy and dry in a pair of waterproof Sloggers garden shoes.

Do you know that  Sloggers are America’s #1 Backdoor Shoe? They are very comfy due to Sloggers’ exclusive “All-Day-Comfort” insole, made in USA and you can choose among 24  fun prints.

That “flower power” print – is a gardening mama’s dream! smile And if you can grab them under $30 – it’s a great bargain.

5. Gardening journal

by Becky Dawson

Practical Gardening Gifts for Mother's Day

Is your mom “old school” (like me smile) and prefers pen and paper over Google Spreadsheets? Give her a gardening journal to keep track of what’s happening in her garden.

6. Garden Kneeler and Seat

by Super Deal

gardening kneeler seat

This foldable smartly designed 2-in-1 kneeler/seat for the gardener will surely be handy in the garden to protect your mom’s knees or just to sit and rest for a while enjoying her garden and thinking of you – the person who presented her with this great, practical, and thoughtful gift.

7. Gardening T-shirt

by Ann Arbor T-shirt company

Practical Gardening Gifts for Mother's Day

A cool T-shirt with witty writing on it is never out of fashion. Don’t you think?

But it gets better! This silky smooth V-neck T-shirt by Ann Arbor company is very feminine and elegant (I know, it sounds weird to call a T-shirt “elegant”, but just look at it – it is true!)

It is rated as carcinogen-free by the state of California – no weird chemicals used in the printing process. Oh, and it also has a tear away tag!

I’m gonna get one for myself!

8. Funky Vegetables Grow Kit

by  Plant Theatre

Practical Gardening Gifts for Mother's Day

Is your Mom an adventurous lady that likes to try new things?

Then for Mother’s Day gift her with the Plant Theatre Grow Kit that comes with unusual colorful vegetables to make a festive salad: yellow lemon cucumber, red lettuce, golden beet, red bunching onions and a purple bulb onion, and also fiesta radishes with white,red, purple and golden skins.

The kit includes 5 peat growing biodegradable pots and discs, 5 foil sealed seed packages, 5 plant markers, and tips on sowing and growing these weird veggies. Seeds are from the U.S.A, non-GMO and lab tested for great performance.

9. Garden Gloves with Claws

by Garden Genie

Practical Gardening Gifts for Mother's Day - gloves with claws

A gardener always needs a pair of good gloves to protect hands while gardening and weeding.

And the Garden Genie gardening gloves will do the job – they are waterproof, breathable and puncture resistant.

But they are not your ordinary gloves, because they have claws for digging and planting – as manufacturer states “no more gardening hand tools needed”. (Idon’tknowaboutthatsmile).  Finally your mom will be able to compete with her cat by digging soil in the garden with claws. Imagine that expression on the cat’s face. smile Priceless!

P.S.Though the item is very highly rated by a lot of customers, some people reported that latex odor was strong. So, if your mom is sensitive to smell – read this negative review before making a decision on purchase.  

10. Mother’s Day Money Tree in Ceramic Container

by Hallmark Flowers

Practical Gardening Gifts for Mother's Day

If your mom likes to garden indoors – the Money Tree (live plant) by Hallmark Flowers will make a great Mother’s Day gift for her.

The Money tree is 15″ to 18″ tall and comes in a stylish white and teal ceramic planter. It will be shipped in a decorative Hallmark Flowers gift box carefully packaged for safe delivery. It also comes with a card to give with the gift.

And the best part is that a Money Tree attracts wealth to its owner and represents prosperity and good luck. And we all wish our moms prosperity, don’t we? It will bring your mom good luck just because it is a gift from you!

There you have it – 10 best practical gardening gifts for Mother’s Day.

I would be happy to get any of them.

What about you?

Still looking for more options?

See only the best rated gardening gifts on Amazon.

I hope you found a beautiful and memorable yet practical gardening gift for your mom to celebrate Mother’s Day. Let’s wish that she finds joy and happiness in her garden of life.

What garden gift would you like to get for Mother’s Day?

Share in the comments.

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