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Hello Dear,

Your Garden Lady is here. 

And welcome to my happy Sow Small Garden place!

Sow Small Garden is a website about how to grow and enjoy your garden.

Garden Lady’s mission is to encourage you to sow a small garden.

You do not need to have a large garden to reap big benefits. By starting your garden small – you will have more time to actually enjoy it.

Your garden will provide you with fresh organic food, with material for crafts, gifts and beauty products, with healing plants to fight common health ailments, with herbs for delicious teas, as well as with light physical exercise, fresh air and sunshine.

I also want you to sow a small garden for the purpose of self discovery. 

Let your small garden become your playground and an extension of yourself.

Approach this task with lightness and curiosity.

Sow a small garden to evoke:

  • your inner Researcher – to observe, to record, to experiment, to improve, to innovate;
  • your inner Creator – to beautify, to combine, to express, to transform;
  • your inner Seer – to become attuned to the rhythm of nature, to develop wisdom and intuition.
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A few words about me.

I was gardening organically for as long as I can remember, so I consider myself the lifelong gardener and “gardening expert”.  I grew up in Ukraine where gardening always was a part of life because  people relied on their own gardens for produce.

With the years came understanding that gardening is much more than just food because its benefits touch soul on so many levels.

Now I see a garden, no matter how big or small it is, as a place of beauty, harmony and relaxation, as a place to unleash your creativity, as a place to give your love and care to nature and be rewarded in return with a bountiful harvest.

Gardening showed me the laws of nature in practice and taught that

  1. What you sow – you will reap.
  2. After fall there will always be a new awakening and growth in spring.
  3. Life is abundant!

On this site I want to concentrate on providing you with tips on how to start and grow your small garden successfully,  and on supplying you with ideas of what you can do with the fruits of your gardening labor.

Join me on the journey to   GROW – COOK – HEAL – CREATE – ENJOY – LIVE!

Virtually yours,

Garden Lady.

P.S. Read more about the benefits of having a garden and the benefits of gardening as a hobby in my article Why garden?

P.S.S. Let’s become friends on social media. And see you in the comments section! Can’t wait to meet you!

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