Spring Salad

Quick and easy spring salad recipe made with fresh ingredients picked from your garden. 

By: Garden Lady

What is the first crop that you are getting from your garden in early spring?

After foraging in my small garden, I usually return to the house with green onions, radishes, sorrel, and young lettuce leaves.

Fresh aroma permeates the house and after giving my harvest a quick wash, I am ready to prepare my first spring lunch of the year made from ingredients picked from my garden. 

On the menu today are sorrel soup (read recipe here) and a spring salad.

spring salad

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Ready In:

15 min

Good For:

Lunch or Dinner

Use As:

Side dish


  • bunch of radishes, sliced
  • bunch of green onions, sliced
  • young lettuce leaves
  • 1 boiled egg, cubed
  • 1 tablespoon of shredded Parmesan cheese
  • 2 tablespoons of sour cream
  • salt for seasoning

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Place radishes, green onions, egg, and Parmesan into a bowl.
  2.  Season with salt and add sour cream.
  3. Mix all ingredients together.
spring salad
spring salad
spring salad

Spring salad variations and serving suggestions

On a slice of freshly baked bread  place a few young leaves of lettuce and top with spring salad. Serve with sorrel soup.

spring salad

  • Later in the season you can add sliced young cucumber and dill to the spring salad and serve it on the toast with arugula.
  • If you do not bake your own bread, you can cut a few rounds of pita bread, brush one side with olive oil and broil for 1 minute. Then place some young lettuce leaves on the pita and top it with spring salad.
  • The spring salad also can be served as a side dish.  It goes good with smoked lean pork loin or turkey breast, baked potato and sausage, mashed potato, buckwheat kasha, or grits.
  • It can be placed as a dish in a salad bowl on the table for friends and family gatherings
spring salad

Spring salad, baked potato & sausage

spring salad

Spring salad 

Additional notes on product and tools used in the recipe


1. I do not know about you, but I like radishes that have mild taste and aren’t woody. With some trial and error I finally was able to find a suitable radish variety  that is not hot, yet crisp. It is the French Breakfast radish. They are organic and super tasty! Days to maturation – 25.  Alternatively you can grow Daikon (Japanese radish with mild crisp taste that should be planted in late summer-early autumn) – to make “spring salad” in fall.smile

2. To dice the boiled egg quickly and in unified pieces I use an egg cutter.

The video below shows how you can slice a boiled egg and cut it into long strips .  I turn the egg 1 more time to dice it. Though it is not intended by the manufacturer, I also use my egg cutter to dice boiled potato and boiled carrot for my potato salad. Saves time.

What do you prepare with your first spring garden harvest?  Share in the comments.

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