12 Gardening Gifts for Father’s Day

A list of 11 useful gardening gifts for men that love to garden.

Last Updated on November 23, 2022

If your dad enjoys gardening, finding him a Father’s Day gift just became a lot simpler. This selection of unique and practical gifts for gardeners will supply you with ideas for cool and useful presents.

All suggestions on this list are high-quality, practical gardening gifts that will not disappoint.

gifts for men who garden

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1.  Thorn proof gardening gloves

By Exemplary Gardens

Your dad will be able to  pick raspberries and blackberries without scratching his arms while wearing these gloves. They also can be used for yard and garden maintenance: like pruning thorny evergreen juniper bushes, deadheading roses, working with cacti, carrying firewood, or pulling those pesky greenbriar vines.

These gloves will protect arms and hands without compromising on flexibility. They are very comfortable and true to size.

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2. Time Lapse Camera with Night Vision (Motion activated, no batteries needed)

by My Animal Command

Time lapse camera will help your dad see if the Peter Rabbit, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-Tail are feasting in his garden.

This camera can be used for security and surveillance, as well as wildlife photography. It comes with solar pack, so no batteries are needed.

3. Hori-Hori Japanese gardening knife

by Truly Garden

It doesn’t matter what size garden your dad has – a Japanese hori-hori knife will make a perfect, useful  gift. This knife comes along with a diamond sharpening rod in a nice gift box.

Your dad will be able to use his hori-hori knife for weeding, digging, cutting, pruning, planting and transplanting, measuring, and harvesting.

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4. Endurables Airflo Hat

by Tilley

Best made and most practical ever water and mildew resistant Airflo hat will protect your dad from sun rays while gardening. This hat has maximum sun protection rating: UPF 50+.

Available in 7 colors. Be sure you know his hat size before ordering.

5. Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture 

by Sepp Holzer

Does your father have a gardening library?

Then, for sure, this practical guide, written by pioneer of ecological farming Sepp Holzer, belongs in his gardening books collection.  It will inspire your dad on his gardening journey and provide him with valuable useful advice.

6. Curved blade folding saw 

By Silky

The curved blade folding saw  features curved blade for maximum speed and efficiency during pruning and trimming. It has hardened teeth that stay sharp 3 times longer than non-hardened saw teeth. This sturdy yet lightweight saw has comfortable grip and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

It will make a cherished and treasured gift – your dad will  be delighted to receive it.

7. Glass Greenhouse/ Terrarium 

by Yimorence

This beautiful glass greenhouse terrarium is perfect for your dad!

The top lifts off to make it easy and fun access. Succulents, orchids and moss thrive inside this amazing structure. This tabletop greenhouse will make any room in the house feel more inviting with its fresh green look.

8. Garden kneeler and seat

by  Super Deal

Your dad can use this smartly designed kneeler/seat for weeding or just for sitting and resting in his garden. The seat is foldable, has a pocket for storing garden tools, and, as reviewers report, is highly functional.

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9. Elevated cedar planter

by Cedar Craft

If your dad has limited space for gardening – then an elevated cedar planter is a perfect solution.

This planter will help him enjoy gardening without the need for bending and kneeling.  

And, no tools are required to put it together.

10. Garden Daddy T-shirt

by Sow Small Garden

Is your dad a tough gardener?

If so, then he’ll definitely appreciate this gift! The “Who is your daddy?” T-shirt is a fun and humorous way to show how much you love and care about him.

Be sure to check out all “Tough Gardener” collection by Sow Small Garden for a thoughtful gift for your father.

11. Non-toxic garden hose

by Water Right

Non toxic garden hose (lead free, BPA free) is a truly valuable gift,  especially if your dad is into organic gardening.

This hose will insure that the vegetables and soil do not receive toxins when watered. It also will be useful to fill up Fido’s drinking bowl, rinse off debris or pollen from patio or sidewalk.

And because it is coiled – this garden hose does not take much space and is easy to store.

12. Gardening planner/log book

by Sow Small Garden

gardening planner by Sow Small Garden

With the aid of this easy to use gardening task organizer and record book to keep track of his gardening tasks, design his garden layout, create his planting and harvesting schedule based on last and first frost dates. He’ll be busy with this planner the entire gardening season and will have handy reference for the following years.

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Final thoughts on gardening gifts for men

There you have it – 11 gardening gift ideas for Father’s Day. On this list I am sure you have found a useful, good quality, and attractive present that your dad will enjoy for years to come.

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