20 Christmas Gifts for Gardeners and Plant Lovers

A list of thoughtful, useful, and easy on your wallet cool Christmas gifts for gardeners and plant lovers.

Last Updated on December 20, 2023


If you are looking for a Christmas gift for the gardener in your life, check out our top Christmas gifts 2023 that any gardener would love to receive.

From tools and indoor garden kits to gardening books and garden decor, these items will make their green thumb even greener this holiday season!

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Christmas-related gardening gifts

Got an invitation to a Christmas celebration from a person that loves to garden?

Can’t go wrong with a Christmas-related garden gift!

1. Garden-themed glass blown ornaments for Christmas tree 

gardening gifts for Christmas - Christmas ornament

A unique gift to take along for your friend, coworker, or neighbor gardeners Christmas party!

You can choose from Christmas tree ornaments shaped as sunflower, garlic, garden gloves, watering can, trowel, gnome and much more.

The Lucky mushroom ornament is my favorite. What is yours?

 2. Angel of the Garden 

git ideas for gardeners

Packaged in a fitted box and ready for gifting, this beautiful 5.5” hand-painted resin Angel of the Garden sculpture with wire wings will please your mother, sister or dear gardener friend.

The statue comes with writing on the enclosed card, ”Bringing forth a garden of love and beauty.”

It is intended for indoor use and can be proudly displayed on a shelf, table, or mantel.

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Indoor Garden kits

There is something so satisfying in receiving a garden kit as a gift.

Maybe it’s because each kit is a separate project and keeps you on one task. All needed supplies are usually (but not always) included, and all that’s left – is to follow step-by-step instructions.

Or maybe it’s because your kids or grandkids most likely will volunteer to help with your indoor garden growing project.🙂 You will watch together the progress of plants growing, share the excitement, and create happy memories.

Also, an indoor garden growing kit gives something to do for a hungry gardening soul in wintertime before spring comes and it finally can play in the dirt outdoors 🙂.

3.  Indoor herb garden starter kit

gifts for gardeners Amazon - garden herb growing kit

Gardeners get used to having  fresh herbs on hand for all their cooking needs. But what do they do for fresh herbs in winter time?😧

And here you come to the rescue with this smartly designed organic indoor  herb growing kit. 😎 Your gardener friend will be in heaven!

4. Bonsai tree kit

gifts for gardeners who have everything - bonsai kit - gift for gardeners

Nature’s Blossom bonsai kit allows the cultivation of four different kinds of bonsai trees from organic seeds.

The kit comes with organic soil, seeds, planting pots, plant labels, and easy to follow  “how to grow” instructions.

Makes a perfect gift for a father-in-law that loves to garden.🙂

5.  Organic mini mushroom grow kit

cool gifts for gardeners - organic grow mushroom kit

Back to the Roots organic mini- mushroom grow kit is all that’s needed to grow gourmet oyster mushrooms right in the kitchen.  Mushrooms are one of the easiest foods to grow indoors and you can start harvesting them in just 10 days!

This kit is made in the U.S.A., can be used by those of any age or gardening experience level, and is backed by a 100% guarantee. 

6.  Set of glazed Owl pots (perfect for succulents)

christmas gifts for gardeners - cute owl planter set

Your houseplant loving friend will be able to proudly display his succulents in this elegant set of glazed owl pots.

The pots are 2.25 inches tall and have a hole for draining. Plants are not included.

On the more expensive side, an Aerogarden – a fool proof indoor garden kit – can make an ultimate Christmas gift for that special gardener in your life.

Wonder which Aerogarden model to choose? Read my in depth article about the top 3 Aerogardens.

Garden decor gifts

Little finishing touches that garden decor items provide make the garden a complete and enjoyable space.

7.  Stepping stone

gifts for gardeners - turtle stepping stone

In many cultures the turtle is an auspicious symbol that brings good luck and longevity.

So why not get this beautiful cast iron turtle garden stepping stone as a luck wishing gift for your gardener friend or relative?

8.  Kinetic solar wind spinner

unusual gifts for gardeners - kinetic sculpture wind spinner

This solar powered wind spinner makes a perfect decoration for the garden or lawn.

It has two tiers of blades spinning in opposite directions. A crackle glass ball sits between the blades and brightens up the night with a mesmerizing light display.

Oh, did I mention that this spinner is backed by a lifetime guarantee?

9.  Wind chimes

good gifts for gardeners - wind chimes

Famiry hand tuned wind chimes with low deep tone is a high quality item for garden, patio, or backyard decor. They are pleasing for the eyes and ears.🙂 These wind chimes will make a treasured long lasting gift for friends and family for sure!

Alternatively, you can gift bamboo wind chimes to your gardener friend.

Gardening gifts with a special touch

These gifts are great for a gardener friend with whom you share a special bond. These presents are intended to be used frequently and remind your friend of a connection between you.

10. Gift boxed flower pot mug with saucer

a mug for a gardener friend

Your friend can drink from this 14 oz. mug or grow a plant in it – whatever she prefers.

Mugs come in many colors with different uplifting messages written on them. The featured mug for a friend – is my favorite.

The mug is made from food safe material and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Coordinating saucer can be used as a lid to keep your herbal tea warm.

A stainless steel stirring spoon shaped as a gardener spade is included . So clever, isn’t it?

11. Keychain with plant charms

gift for plant lovers

This cute keychain with plant charms will make your plant loving friend smile each time she sees it.

An awesome cool gift for gardeners!

Funny gifts for gardeners

Looking for one-of-a-kind, unusual, and funny gifts? Then check out Etsy and RedBubble marketplaces! They offer a wide range of items, from artwork printed on various products to home decor items, notebooks, stickers, phone cases, mugs, shirts, and more. You’re sure to find something that will delight every gardener on your list this year.

12. Funny gardening T-shirt  for him

gardener gift idea -  funny gardening T shirt for him

funny gardening shirt designed by truly yours Garden Lady. 🙂  This T-shirt will make a perfect gift for him.

13. Witty gardening shirt for her

gardening gifts for her - a witty gardening shirt for women

This sassy Ms.Fancy Plants fitted scoop T-shirt makes a great present for any gardening lady on earth (or just outside)!

14. Floor pillow

unusual gifts for gardeners - floor pillow

The plant lady in your life will enjoy the comfort and coziness of the floor pillow.  She can  rest its softness against any sore muscles from all that gardening she does!

Pair Plants Make me Feel Alive floor pillow cover  with the floor pillow insert from Amazon and you’ll have a great gift for anyone who loves plants.

Check out more gardening merch created by Garden Lady of SowSmallGarden on RedBubble.

Garden tools

Every gardener can attest that there are no such things as too many garden tools. 🙂

New tools are always welcomed!

15. Garden tool kit set

great gifts for gardeners - tool kit set

Ideal gift for male and female gardening lovers Scuddles garden tool set includes 10 ergonomic heavy duty garden hand tools.

This set has everything necessary for gardening plus the case that protects the tools. The people receiving this present will be very happy to have it.

I like that the tools have bright orange handles, so you can spot them easily in the dirt (don’t ask how many trowels with dark green handles I throw out with the weeds.😄) 

16. Bulb planting tool set

gifts for flower gardeners -- bulb planting kit

Does a gardener in your life have a flower garden? 

Then he will appreciate this high-quality Tabor bulb planting tool set

The set includes a bulb planter with depth markers and automatic soil release, a narrow hand trowel/transplanter, and a metal dibber tool that makes deep precise holes in the soil for easy planting.

Even if your gardener is not into planting flowers that grow from bulbs, the tools are still perfect for other gardening tasks.

More garden tools to choose from: 

Check out Best garden tool sets – they always make a perfect gift.

These 25 gardening tools for seniors will help your aging parents to enjoy gardening again. (Check #9 for a great stocking stuffer).

Any of the gardening tools mentioned in 11 Best Japanese gardening tools or in Essential garden tools  articles will make an awesome gift for a gardener.

Other garden & yard tools and equipment suggestions:

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17. Gardening planner & log book

gardening planner and log book

Design all your garden beds and create your planting schedule before gardening season starts with the help of My Abundant Garden planner, log book & notebook.

This handy journal is

  • good for any gardening zone
  • can be used by a beginner or seasoned gardener
  • helps manage your gardening chores
  • contains seasonal to-do-list and weekly gardening task planner, grid paper for garden design, planting and harvesting log, gardening supply inventory & shopping list and more
  • has a place for writing notes.

Your gardener friend will be delighted to receive this useful and practical gift.

18. Organic gardening guide

books for gardeners- organic gardening guide

Does your friend have a gardening library?

Then he will be happy to enrich his collection with this well organized comprehensive source for the organic gardener – Rodale’s Basic Organic Gardening Guide.

It’s especially useful for a beginner gardener, though seasoned gardeners will learn new tips and tricks from this resource too.

Gardening Gifts that Keep on Giving All Year Long

19. Subscription boxes for gardeners

So you want to give the perfect plant subscription box for the gardener as a gift? Then try checking out our favorite site- Cratejoy.

They have everything from succulents and cacti all the way up through orchids! Herbs, microgreens, seeds, air plants – you name it!  If you are looking for gifts for gardeners who have everything – this is the place!

And prices are reasonable enough that even your wallet will be pleased with what they offer. (And who doesn’t love saving some money!)

20. Gardening magazines subscription 

A magazine that comes in the mailbox… Quite nostalgic, isn’t it?

Give a gardening magazine subscription to your gardener friend, so he will have something to look forward to each month.

There are plenty to choose from:

Final thoughts on Christmas gifts for gardeners

Here you have it – a selection of 20 awesome, meaningful, yet easy on your wallet Christmas presents for gardeners.

Hope you were able to pick a perfect Christmas gift for that special gardener in your life. I am sure he (or she) will enjoy it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!❄️

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